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aKhu•na Collection

[i]Codes, [i]Holograms, [i]Activations to support you, who are on a conscious Journey as a New Multidimensional Human * Umi Na uLa

The aKhu•na Technology

This technology is a set of Cosmic Tools available for the first time ever on planet Earth. A series of multiversal firsts to support Starseeds, Light Beings, and Consciousness Co-creators in your unique journey of evolution and ascension becoming a new human—multidimensional.


Cosmic Mission: Make available Cosmic Tools, first-ever on the Planet.

Planetary Mission: Support humanity’s ascension process with light codes of the future.


* aKhu•na \n\ 1. The first Ultra-Multiverse TRIAD within the Omniverse.

The aKhu•na iLanguage

The Cosmic Consciousness/Light Language


The iLanguage is a series of divine holographic keys as; sound harmonies, invisible light lasers, and vibrational geometries that hold cosmic consciousness information for you. 


These holographic keys manifest themselves in 3 forms:

  1. iSound - Sound, vocals (Harmonics).

  2. iMovement - Light Movements (Body Movements).

  3. iCode - Matter (Sacred Geometry).

Together, these fractals create the Cosmic aKhu•na iLanguage Synergy.

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iGAIA YEAR 04 [i]Cycle

Cosmic Almanac
Print on Demand (POD)

Cosmic Holographic [i]Blueprints

Print on Demand (POD)

Each hologram vibrate a different creation principles across universes, and even multiverses.  


Imagine they are like a multidimensional GPS or Cosmic Maps that lead you to discover more multidimensional libraries to expand your consciousness and vibrate more of your cosmic legacy here on earth.


If the light codes are like USB keys with multi-D information, the Holographic Blueprints are like Hard-Drives gathering infinite cosmic codes throughout the magnificence multiversal fractal system.

The 12+1 (13)  aKhu•na iCodes - Cards

Divine holographic keys that contain cosmic consciousness information that support your journey of evolution and ascension to become a new human—multidimensional.

 Synchronicity [i]Boost iCodes
The Three Quantum Powers Series | 3 

Print on Demand (POD) 

These three codes on the post card allows for more synchronicity in your life. As a triad, the codes act as a light vibrational geometrical formula in iLanguage.

The 12+1 (13)  aKhu•na iCodes
You are the Omniverse.

Print on Demand (POD) 

The multiversal group of consciousness Ela Ane Amanea from aKhu•na, shares with you the vibrational, energetic, and consciousness essence behind each iCode, iSound, and iMovement throughout cosmic proverbs.