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On earth, you are a fractal of your galactic, and universal soul group. Which is part of your multiversal soul cluster. Your cosmic soul, a.k.a.your iSelf, contains all the information of your soul groups, since the beginning of time.


The Umi Na uLa holographic map will support you to retrieve more percentages of this information as part of your cosmic lineage.


It can aid you to…


… remember your multiversal mission on Earth.

… activate your cosmic legacy.

… reunify more fractals of your cosmic Soul.

… strength your iSelf to facilitate your individual and collective process of ascension.

… connect with the multiversal consciousness group Ela Ane Amanea.

… allow the new multidimensional human Umi Na uLa to be born in you.

Umi Na uLa | Multiversal Map UmiNauLagram | Poster

PriceFrom $15.00
  • All holograms reflect different universal essential consciousnesses. Each one represents the synergy of many light Codes, Consciousness Codes.

    Imagine that they are like a multidimensional GPS or Cosmic Map.

    You can use them to:

    • Align yourself to the cosmos, to express more of your soul's potential.
    • Upgrade your entire system, for vitality, strength, and clarity.
    • Harmonize your physical, mental, emotional and energetic body, to increase your ability for resilience.
    • Remember your cosmic potential and your universal gifts, to express your unique Self here on earth.
    • Harmonize places such as home, office, therapy spaces, massage tables, offices, etc.
    • Clear and align your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.
    • Attune relationships.
    • Empower any type of energetic sessions.
    • Accompany your work as co-creators of consciousness and light workers.
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