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Have you ever asked yourself, what the etymology of the word “Calendar” might be?


Calendar (n.) from Latin calendarium “account book,” from calendae/kalendae "the calends," the first day of the Roman month, when debts fell due and accounts were reckoned.


  • How about aligning yourself to cosmic order, instead of planning our days to this old energy of paying bills, taxes, and debts?
  • Have you ever asked yourself, why do we have 31 days in July and August?
  • How about lining up our months, weeks, and days according to Gaia’s nature and astrological cycles?
  • Have you ever asked yourself if there isn’t a better way?


Yes, there is!


  • How about you stop planning and start co-creating with the whole galaxy, universe, and multiverse?
  • Ready for more synchronicity in your daily life here on Earth?


This Cosmic Year [i]Cycle is for You!


“The Cosmic [i]Cycle is a major cycle of ascension from a linear-thinking Humanity towards the multidimensional expression of a new Humankind on Earth.” Ela Ane Amanea


As a quantum, cosmic, and multidimensional Being on this planet, you should re-align yourself and all your actions to the multiversal, multidimensional, and cosmic order.

This annual cosmic almanac supports you in this.


It’s time to step out of the linear calendar and line yourself up to the potential attributes of your Cosmic Soul, a.k.a. your iSelf, as a New Human Umi NauLa.


As soon as you say “YES!” to a cosmic cycle, you stop following linear, limited, man-made rules to keep time, and step up towards the interdimensional principles of reality (space), time (memory), and dimension (state of consciousness).


What are the results:

  • More synchronicity in your life.
  • Deeper process of evolution and ascension.
  • Greater awareness of the impulses of cosmic co-creation.
  • Higher expression of your Cosmic Soul, one with Gaia.


The aKhun•a Cosmic Year [i]Cycle | iGaia [i]Year | English

  • On July 26th, 2023 we begin the [i]Year 4 U-li of the Umi Na uLa Cosmic [i]Cycle. It ends on July 24th, 2024.


    On July 26th, 2019 we started a 12+1(13) years [i]Cycle Mi Açe.


    Each year has 12+1 (13) months.

    The code 12+1 (13) = the Christ (Crystalline) frequency = The next possible state of consciousness.


    Each cosmic year starts with the [i]Month 13 as the synergy of the whole cycle.


    Per month, there are 28 days.


    Every July 25th we celebrate the Umi Na uLa day.

    The day of ascension of your Cosmic Soul.

    The day of entering the next octave of your state of consciousness, a.k.a. dimension.

  • Each day, week, month, and year has an astrological frequency, vibration, and consciousness behind it. Start using this [i]Cycle to create your “now” reality. Set higher intentions, allow for a more focused attention, and practice a deeper awareness in your feeling, thinking, and acting.

    The Intention of the Month = Consciousness, Essence, Visualization.

    “The visualized essence (consciousness) behind a cosmic principle."

    The Attention of each week = Vibration, Focus, Diligence.

    "The diligent focus (vibration) within the cosmic principle."

    The Daily Action = Frequency, Expression, Uniqueness.

    "The unique expression (frequency) of the cosmic principle through life”

    Ela Ane Amanea calls it the I.A.A. [i]Effect. The intention to envision anything through consciousness. The attention—focused consciousness—to generate the necessary electromagnetic field (energy) to implement the intention. And finally, the action to materialize a new creation in coherence (matter).

    The I.A.A. [i]Effect helps you to transcend matter, energy, and consciousness, leaving you with the pure essence of your cosmic soul or iSelf.

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