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The Cosmic Gaia iCodes-Formulas

The series of the 7+1 (8) Cosmic Elements of Earth


These multidimensional formulas of light codes on the mini-poster and/or postcard allow you to vibrate Cosmic Gaia in You.


Imagine that the ensemble of the 7+1 (8) holographic scrolls, represent the orchestra of GAIA playing a symphony of pure consciousness. This symphony is playing cosmic melodies for you. Your body receives them – consciously or unconsciously – with your permission through your intention.


Each of the 7 Elements represents a section within the orchestra. When you put all the sections together, you have a group synergy playing the entire symphony:


ONE - Multidimensional Formula - Earth Element 

TWO - Multidimensional Formula - Water Element 

THREE - Multidimensional Formula - Element Fire 

FOUR - Multidimensional formula - Air Element 

FIVE - Multidimensional Formula - Ether Element 

SIX - Multidimensional Formula - Cosmic Plasma Element 

SEVEN - Multidimensional Formula - dUr-Rna Element 

EIGHT - Is the set of the previous ones as synergy.


When you receive one or more of these formulas, it is as if you turn on your Cosmic GAIA frequency player. Just by having them near you or in your space, slowly each melody of frequency, vibration, and consciousness – is integrated in you. Until all your cells, along with your DNA, mitochondria, and Rna begin to move in resonance, as part of the same orchestra. 


A great ascension show within!


The cosmic Gaia codes can help you to...

... remember your shamanic, earthly and cosmic wisdom.

... activate Gaia's new operating system in your cellular memory.

... reunify in you your legacy of GAIA - inter-dimensional, cosmic, and of the elements.

... strengthen your human expression, your physical body in total regeneration.

Element FIRE: The Cosmic GAIA iCodes-Formula

  • You can frame or leave it the way you receive it. 

    Harmonize Spaces:

    • Spaces such as home, office, therapy spaces, massage tables, offices, etc. 
    • Place the mini-poster at the entrance of your therapy space or a place where you give workshops.
    • Add the card to your altar or meditation space.

    Energize your physical body:

    • Energize water bottles or glasses of water. Place the cosmic formula card under water-bottles or glasses of water.
    • Place it carefully under your yoga mat.
    • Stick it with a magnet on the refrigerator door.
    • If you are traveling, take them with you.

    Follow the inner guidance. Even when the proposal seems illogical, follow your intuition.

  • Paper: The final product Museum-quality poster made on thick and long-lasting semi-glossy (silk) paper.- Paper weight: 200 gsm / 80 lb-

    Size: 150x200-mm (6x8-inch)

    Shipped in sturdy packaging protecting the poster Printed and shipped on demand. No minimums.

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