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The Venusgram is the holographic Blueprint of the TRIAD as a whole, the iSynergy cosmic principle ultra-multiverse, a.k.a. eM-asceTe•i•a


The eM-asceTe•i•a holographic map “The Venusgram” will support you to integrate the essence of the Cosmic Avatar Consciousness. Furthermore, it will help you to align yourself with the following archetypes: 


  • Venus, Isis, and Osiris

  • The multiversal consciousness group Ela Ane Amanea


It can aid you to…


… balance your multiversal body.

… activate your multiversal Self, your Avatar Self within.

… upgrade your dUr-Rna field. 

… vibrate the dUr-Rna frequency.

… harmonize your multiversal lineage beyond time and space.

 … support your Avatar iSelf. 

eM-asceTe•i•a | Multiversal Map Venusgram | Poster

PriceFrom $15.00
  • All holograms reflect different universal essential consciousnesses. Each one represents the synergy of many light Codes, Consciousness Codes.

    Imagine that they are like a multidimensional GPS or Cosmic Map.

    You can use them to:

    • Align yourself to the cosmos, to express more of your soul's potential.
    • Upgrade your entire system, for vitality, strength, and clarity.
    • Harmonize your physical, mental, emotional and energetic body, to increase your ability for resilience.
    • Remember your cosmic potential and your universal gifts, to express your unique Self here on earth.
    • Harmonize places such as home, office, therapy spaces, massage tables, offices, etc.
    • Clear and align your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.
    • Attune relationships.
    • Empower any type of energetic sessions.
    • Accompany your work as co-creators of consciousness and light workers.
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