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Lee Carroll, channeller of Kryon, calls it “The Great Teaching Wheel from the Stars” or now “the Lemurian Teaching Wheel”.


Imagine it as a GPS or multidimensional Cosmic Map to remember the Cosmic Messages from the Pleiadian Mothers about who you are from the time of Lemuria and where you came from out of this World.


The mir Ti aLe | ti Ma ea holographic map “The Lemurian Wheel—inwards” will support you to integrate the wisdom of Lemuria. Furthermore, it will help you to align yourself with the following archetypes: 


  • The Masters of Lemuria, Atlantis and the Pleiadian Mothers.


It can aid you to…


… balance your ancestral feminine consciousness.

… activate your galactic Self within.

… upgrade your mir Ti aLe field. 

… vibrate the mir Ti aLe frequency.

… harmonize your lemurian and galactic lineage beyond time and space.

… support your Lemurian iSelf.

… allow the new humanity, the New Lemuria to be born in you.

mir Ti aLe | ti Ma ea | The Lemurian Wheel Map | Inwards | Poster

PriceFrom $15.00
  • All holograms reflect different universal essential consciousnesses. Each one represents the synergy of many light Codes, Consciousness Codes.

    Imagine that they are like a multidimensional GPS or Cosmic Map.

    You can use them to:

    • Align yourself to the cosmos, to express more of your soul's potential.
    • Upgrade your entire system, for vitality, strength, and clarity.
    • Harmonize your physical, mental, emotional and energetic body, to increase your ability for resilience.
    • Remember your cosmic potential and your universal gifts, to express your unique Self here on earth.
    • Harmonize places such as home, office, therapy spaces, massage tables, offices, etc.
    • Clear and align your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.
    • Attune relationships.
    • Empower any type of energetic sessions.
    • Accompany your work as co-creators of consciousness and light workers.
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