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Your Inner Self is waiting to be unlocked. 

I’m sure you have so many questions about this — but what am I talking about?


How to read the book

Parts of the book

How to order your print copy

I’m sure you have so many questions about this:

Maybe you weren’t asking the right person. Or maybe, you didn’t know where to look.

The aKhu•na Collection 12+1(13)

Travel Guides into the Future...

is exactly what you need. It’s a guide that takes you through the ropes of not just understanding your Inner Self but also the cosmos around you. It’s a guide that takes you through the very cosmos within You. It’s an expression of your Cosmic Wisdom — waiting to be unlocked.

Travel Guide into the Future | VOLUME ONE

You are the Omniverse  12+1 (13)

Remember the Birth of your Cosmic Soul.

Are you ready?


*First published in English and Spanish (Italian, Portuguese, and Chinese later on)

Print on Demand 

This is my most recommended version, as it has holograms, codes, and color.

(Even blank pages to write your notes)

Order it in any Amazon online stores around the world. You order it, and it will be printed just for you. 


(Here is the link to, but from there you can connect to your local Amazon.)


I also like the idea of having the whole Travel Guide into the Future on my phone, tablet, or computer. This way I can read on the go. You will find it in Google Play, Amazon.


I have read it on all platforms and in my opinion, the one that allows for the best experience of the Travel Guide is Google Play. It displays the layout, colors, and codes the best. But here are the two access links anyway.

(please don’t try to read it on your Kindle device, because the colorful format is left out. It might not even display it. Let’s have fun with color)

A multidimensional book, of reconnection, to remember and co-create the most updated version of your Being. And yes, Lilly channels it in her playful, funny, deep, personal imprint, with a lot of details and gifts. A book to read, reread, meditate, channel, understand and experience the cosmic ingredients that confirm it all. The first of thirteen books... 
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