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Intimate Session with your Cosmic Soul

*Personal on-line Session (by Zoom).

Start the next steps in Your Journey of Ascension.

Your new life is waiting for you,



Every Session is unique.

Investment is 277 USD. 

Payment plan available: 2 payments of 139 USD.

*It takes around 1 hour, bring time before and after for better integration.

Iciar Romera, España

"I felt that reminder that I am not alone in this journey and that it is time to share our truth and our hearts without fear or shame. My heart felt so much innocent joy..."

Your unique iCode and iSound

Get the multidimensional, multiversal, and cosmic messages from your Cosmic Soul to YOU.

Enjoy the frequencies of the aKhu•na iLanguage (Language of Consciousness o Light Language) in form of Sound and Geometry – form and color.


Lilly Wong is available for speaking at conferences, festivals to perform Soul Movements (iMovements), events, and is also available for appearances on teleseminars, radio and television shows. In addition, she is able to lead workshops for small groups, or crowds of hundreds.

She supports consciousness co-creators to remember, activate and integrate their full Soul Cosmic potential, so we can help humanity ascend to a new state of consciousness.


Timalu Academy
Timalu Creations
Currently, we can communicate and answer your emails in Spanish and English. Thanks, for your understanding.
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Soul Movements

Picture © Tiah Coxon | Tembo Productions

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