Soul iMovements© (Light iMovements)


I have been asked by my cosmic Team Ela Ane Amanea to anchor different qualities of consciousness on earth trough my intention and my whole body. These have been very profound co-creations with them, as I allow them to move my body in order to send [i]Information as “Lasers of Light ” to iHarmonize & iActivate different areas or specific points around the World.


As soon as I allow the Frequencies to come through me, I go in a profound cosmic state being completely merged with Gaia, as she supports the anchoring of the energetics transmitted through my Body. My fingers become like [i] “Lasers” iHarmonizing the [i]Field of the place. I have so much fun because I have a “backstage pass” where I witness the Cosmic Choreography & Symphonic being created during the iMovements.


Here you can follow the development of this Cosmic Art.


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USA, Spain, Hungary, Canada, Portugal, Iceland, Mexico

TULUM, Mexico ... where it began * 2014