Planetary Co-Creations for the New Humanity


Together with my Cosmic Team  Ela Ane Amanea and my partner Robert Haig Coxon we invite to co-create with us. ARE YOU IN?


[Ela Ane Amanea] n. 1. Cosmic Confederation of Light guiding and supporting the New Human Birth. 2. 12+1 Councils of Light from the Universe & Multiverse.

Interstellar [i]Antenna

Co-creating a New Interstellar [i]Antenna for the New Humanity.  We are calling 144 Souls.

Voices of the Eloheim

The Eloheim are gathering a group of Souls like you who feel the call to co-create a New Blueprint for the New Humanity.  Let's all together co-create a New Reality in the Universe... Multiverse.

Uu- Mie te•i•a | 13 [i]Disk [i]Activations

13 [i]Disk Activations; iRemembering an [i]Grid from times of Lemuria, Atlantis & Egypt. Anchoring and Expanding the Crystalline Consciousness around GAIA, the Field and within you.

Blueprint for the New Humanity

Anchoring "the Blueprint for a New Humanity around the World as it anchors within you!