I was born with a vision...


Hi. I’m Lilly Wong,


Many years ago, I left a 9 to 7 career and loving marriage to rediscover my iSelf. Even though my life was “good”, I knew it was missing the most important ingredient: ME.


People told me I was making the biggest mistake of my life. Nobody understood my decision or what I was going through. .


I didn’t even really understand what I was going through! I was depressed but I was too proud to admit it to anyone. My body was getting sick. I hadn’t sleep for 2 years. But, I had a profound feeling to keep moving forward. 


My Soul knew I was here to be more, give more. So I kept moving forward.


Eventually, I started to meet the right people at the right time to support my Journey. I started to see beyond my layers of self-protection and started to iRemember, what I was not willing to see in myself: my gifts, my power. ( I send you all my earth angel guides a BIG ti-MaLu_uu - COSMIC THANKS)


I began to channel iTools that helped me Remember my Planetary/Cosmic Purpose.


The more I opened to these tools, the more I received. I started to channel angels, archangels and Ascended Masters. I felt confident using these tools and guidance for myself but not for others. 


I doubted myself: was I really channeling? What would others think of me if I said I was a channel?


Then my dad started having some challenges in his life. My guides showed me what would help him, and it was different from the ordinary. I knew I had to reveal myself as a channel to my dad to help him. It was no easy, but I did.


I decided if I could reveal myself as a channel to my father, I could tell the world.


And I did, from that point on. I no longer hid my gifts behind the guise of “personal development.” I came out of the closet as a channel. Many Light Beings wanted to communicate through me in languages that I already knew, such as English, Spanish and German. 


I went from a passive life of just surviving to an empowering life of ecstatic thriving.


One day a consciousness arrived that told me to get a piece of paper and something to draw with because I wasn’t going to understand the name. This being introduced himself to me as Pferradusche - the first of many Pleiadian Guides whom I would eventually channel and co-create with.


This was how I channeled iLanguage (Cosmic Light Language) for the first time in the form of an iCode. 


Later on, he asked if I would channel through my voice, but it would not be a language I knew. He said the languages we know are too limited. The Pleiadian Guides wanted to provide humanity with more limitless consciousness information.


This is how I first spoke his name and my first iSound. 


At the same time Lilith asked me if I could also channel these new frequencies through my body. She asked me to join my body with hers and Gaia’s. Just allow the body to be moved. 


This is how I start to manifest my self through iMovement | Soul iMovements.


Now, together with my Cosmic Team Ela Ane Amanea, we are manifesting on Earth, new leading edge tools to support your process of [i]Evolution toward becoming a New Human, a New Humanity, a New Universe as Umi Na uLa. These tools have been waiting to be remembered ... I was born to share these new divine technologies with you. 


I am so Thankful… eTe Ne•a•UniMa!


[iRemember] v 1. to Process, Integrate and Express [i]Information within your iSelf beyond space, time or dimension.

[iSelf] n 1. You, in an intimate, conscious and cosmic relationship with Your Soul.

[iField] [Ni aMe] n 1. Pure (innate) Consciousness Field.