Cosmic [i]Messenger, Visionary & Pioneer for the New Human


I believe in co-creating a New Reality, a New World, a New Humanity! Do you? 


I’m Lilly, creator of the Lilithgram©, Horusgram©, Dragonsgram© (Cosmic Holographic Blueprints) & the Timalu Academy (The New Human Cosmic Consciousness Academy)


I support visionaries around the world getting in touch with the center of the Universe, facilitating the constant upgrade of their iSelf and the emergence of the New Human Umi Na uLa within.


I believe, that in order to achieve a new collective state of consciousness as a New Humanity, it is necessary to enhance our individual iSelf enabling us to set higher [i]Intentions (Intentions of Pure Consciousness) in the Cosmic iField Ni aMe.


In my early 30’s, I appeared to “have it all” - a love-marriage and a “successful career”. Yet a panic attack woke me up to realizing something profound was missing from my life: my own True Self… my iSelf. So, I left it all behind to start my Personal Self-Mastery Journey and rediscover my unique cosmic expression. 


Now, as a cosmic consciousness messenger, I co-create ground-breaking Cosmic [i]Tools (Consciousness Tools) to support the process of transition into a New Human, a New Humanity… a New Reality.  I am co-creating with my Cosmic Team Ela Ane Amanea.


I love traveling the world, soul moving, being a catalyst for evolution and an ambassador of the Cosmic iLanguage. My most “precious” collection is Honey from all parts of the planet... an elixir of pure cosmic feminine energy.







[i] n 1. Constant, that describes the quality, quantity and intensity of Pure Consciousness expressed through Intention.

[iSelf] n 1. You, in an intimate, conscious and cosmic relationship with Your Soul.

[iField] [Ni aMe] ]n 1. Pure (innate) Consciousness Field


[iLanguage] n 1. Cosmic Light Language 2. The Language of Ni aMe (Pure Consciousness)

 [Ela Ane Amanea] n. 1. Cosmic Confederation of Light guiding and supporting the New Human Birth. 2. 12+1 Councils of Light from the Universe & Multiverse.


Light Language <<… is a new kind of instrument… for the vibration that you put forward is not something the planet has seen but it’s right on schedule.>> Kryon for Lilly Wong channeled by Lee Carroll - Best Selling author of The Kryon Writings




<<Lilly is the center of centers. She is the Holder of the Whole, the expression of the Whole and the amplifier of the Whole. She is a (holografic) mapper of nature force. The more she integrates all elements within herself, the more she becomes an emergent Archetype for that what wants to happen… (the New Human)>> Barbara Marx Hubbard - American futurist, author and public speaker



<<For me Lilly Wong is one of those amazing women who radiates a great deal of femininity, anchoring highly special energies in our world. She is also a spiritual ambassador (messenger), connecting Heaven with Earth, so that our awareness can expand to deeply touch the cosmos and our soul essence.>> Ingrid Auer - Spiritual Leader