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Every time you invest in Your own Journey of [i]Evolution at the iAcademy for the New Human Umi Na uLa, Timalu Academy takes action in co-creating a New World. MORE INFO CLICK HERE



Together we have made this Impact

eTe Ne•a•Uni Ma

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Every time you invest in [i] Tools for the New Human emerging within YOU, I invest in a new modes of education and the preservation of the Melipona Bee as a helper of iEvolution on Gaia. eTe Ne•a, Lilly 


Together we are making Impact here:



Our Education System is so outdated... here is a new proposal for a New World




MELIPONAS BEEs | Las Abejas Meliponas

 The bees represent the most pure and innocent iFeminine energy. Their gift to humanity is honey; as elixir to support us returning to perfect harmony between the iFeminine and iMasculine consciousnesses.

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Women make up 70% of the world's poor who live on less than $2.50 a day.


At Timalu TV, I share consciousness iTools to support your process of iEvolution and if you feel like you can support to Women around the world to "Move the Zero". Let's create a Cycle of deLIGHT!


Women a round the world are making breakthroughs in the fight against poverty and hunger; together we have made already this Impact:

Live Events

(pro woman)

I believe that investing in a Woman, helps transform her whole community. 


I love to share my wisdom at live events. I feel so grateful & empowered, that I invest  to help empower other Women.  A cycle of deLIGHT!