Testimonials from the Workshops - THE COXON EXPERIENCE in Ottawa

<<Thank you for the workshops. The combination of Lilly’s voice and Robert’s music is unexpectedly transporting and opening. It was also beautiful and calming, however that was only the beginning! Phenomenal and otherworldly!>>

Meredith Kost


<<A magical evening! I thoroughly enjoyed Robert’s inspired musical creations combined with Lilly’s beautiful Light language Symbols expressed visually and vocally. Lilly’s and Robert’s unique gifts create a wonderful synergy on stage.>>

Daniel Mauro


<<Robert Coxon and Lilly Wong a journey HOME! Where Oneness, Simplicity and Beauty just are. Remembering our Light Self, our Divinity, our Inheritance. Health, Joy, Abundance… Universal Love and Expansion… with gratitude>>

Marcy Billings  



<<During the ”Quantum Healing” segment it felt as through a crystalline restructuring was going on. It was pushing out lower energies in the same way that salt is pushed out of salt water when it forms ice.

In the second seminar ”Wisdom of Longevity” tones seemed to be bouncing off the planes of peoples Merkabah structures and changing the energy of them.

At the end the guides told me “When you know you are made of star stuff you are require to shine”>>

Patty Mc Laughlin