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October 05, 2015: Heal Goddess Within!

Everything you need to know about Archetypes, Goddesses and Mary Magdalene


Now, in our time of great transformation, we have the opportunity to heal and integrate issues which have been stuck away and buried for millennia. What is meant here specifically, is our connection to a primal female vibration: the abilities, potentials and energies that come with it and which generations of women were not allowed to live, because society has been imprinted and dominated by a solely male principle. What is at stake here in a transformational process that spans the globe, is not so much emancipation and equality of the sexes, but rather an awareness and re- awakening of the female spirit, its power and its potential. This, then, will bring about a true balance between male and female principles on Planet Earth.

Featured Guest Lilly Wong

In 2010 Lilly Wong took a training that changed her life: “Angel Symbol Practitioner” by Ingrid Auer. In 2014 she started to develop her own metaphysicals tools and performing around the World the SoulMovements©. Through Light Language she guides women and men in their own path of "Remember(ing)" our multidimensionality. Remember our Quantum Self to manifest consciously it in our daily life. She channels various light beings such as angel, archangels, Ascended masters, nature beings, beings from other constellations and different universal consciousness to support everybody in their individual remembering through Personal Skype Session or as a group through Workshop and general activations. She feels very grateful for all her experiences and embraces all new discoveries that are to come!