Personal Sacred Code

Your Personal Sacred Code is a formula composed of a series of codes of intergalactic source. Usually the formula comes from our spiritual place of origin, but it could also be influenced by the type of energy one needs to awaken at this time.


This formula is a key that opens the door to your essence as a multi-dimensional being. It becomes a personal guide in your present reality as the code helps you access the individual potential stored in your cellular memory.


Your sacred design speaks the language of the heart, therefore it is only possible to understand it’s meaning by feeling the energy. Within the code is a mantra, a light language that enhances and expands your experience holographically.


This formula can be used for harmonizing any blockages and also for activating and aligning your infinite power. The suggestion is that you carry the symbol over your heart so that you may radiate the energy to any part of your physical and subtle bodies. Set your intention to creating a heart opening experience and let the energy work.


a) Tu Código Sagrado Personal por Lilly Wong.

Incluye: un archivo jpg con el Código y un archivo mp3 con el mantra que lo acompaña.  80 USD / 65 euros.


b) Tu Código Sagrado Personal por Lilly Wong + tu Obra Maestra del Alma


Incluye: un archivo jpg con el Código, un archivo mp3 con el mantra que lo acompaña y adicionalmente tu Código Sagrado Personal por Robert Haig Coxon que se te entregará igualmente como archivo mp3. 250 USD / 190 euros.

***Apoyo solidario para México, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela y Colombia (-20%)***

*** Apoyo solidario para Argentina, Nicaragua y Uruguay (-35%)***



a) Your Personal Sacred Code by Lilly Wong incluides: a jpg file with the Code and a mp3 file with the mantra. 80USD / 65 euros


b) Your Personal Sacred Code by Lilly Wong + Soul Masterpiece includes: a jpg file with the Code, a mp3 file with the Mantra and  in adittion your Soul Masterpiece from Robert Haig Coxon as mp3 file. 250USD / 190 euros


"I am so delighted with both the mantra symbol and the music. I also appreciate the comments you and Robert added to enhance understanding. What a pleasure and an honor to receive your beautiful works. Thank you, thank you, thank you. May your lovely pieces continue to add light to the world. I know they have enhanced mine. :-)"  Wendy Harmic

"Thank you both for your insights, art, voice, sound, and music. Thank you for being pillars of Light in the world. You are both portals, allowing the Universe to manifest itself through your work. Robert, thank you for the energy that precedes the playing of each key, the transcendent spirit of the music. Lilly, thank you for the inner music. You are a gift."  David Davis

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"May these energies be shared from the light, for the highest purpose of all and according to the Divine Plan. ¡So it is! Ana’a Anamaká"